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Shabu Plus: Authentic Japanese Cuisine Right Here in Washington D.C.

Take a trip to a place that offers real, authentic Japanese food right in your own neighborhood of Washington D.C. at Shabu Plus. Shabu Plus takes great pride in offering fresh, high-quality, food with tastes and flavors inspired by dishes created in Japan. The most popular offering at Shabu Plus is the shabu-shabu. Shabu Shabu is a style of Japanese dining service that allows the patron to choose their meal combination in a fun and interactive manner. First, you choose from a chicken, beef, vegan, or duck bone collagen broth, then you choose your protein (chicken, strip loin, pork, meatball, brisket, or lobster tail just to name a few), and finally then choose your side of either noodles or rice to complete your shabu-shabu meal. 

Another menu selection at Shabu Plus includes the sushi bar and the sushi box sets. Choose from a huge selection of rolls including flavors like tuna cucumber avocado, lump crab and trout roe, eel uni, and quail egg, or a traditional king salmon sashimi. All sushi is served chilled and freshly rolled by the professional and intricate chef on staff. 

Come on in and see for yourself just how amazing the food at Shabu Plus really is! Currently open Tuesday-Sunday 5 PM-10 PM and Thursday-Sunday 12 PM-3 PM. 

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