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Baked Goods Are a Work of Art at Georgetown Cupcake

Chances are, you already know that Georgetown Cupcake creates some of the most delicious cupcakes in the country. But the quality of these gourmet treats that all too often goes unappreciated is their visual appeal. Once you recognize these decorated cupcakes for their beauty, it’s hard not to appreciate the care that goes into each and every one. 

From the first concept, each color scheme joins the perfect balance of flavors, crafting a precise combination of dark, light, and pops of color. Then, each cupcake is carefully decorated. Frosting is applied with remarkable uniformity and additional toppings offer the perfect finishing touch. Whether it’s the red fondant heart topping their signature red velvet cupcake, rainbow sprinkles creating “confetti” on a birthday cupcake, or the piece of candied lemon set atop a lemon blossom cupcake. 

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