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It’s Time to Register for DC’s Bike to Work Day 2021

Mark your calendar for May 12, and be sure to have your bike pump handy. It’s time for the DC region’s annual Bike to Work Day 2021, and it’s your chance to start your day with an exciting ride and some fresh air. The DC region celebrates this free yearly event with various pit stop locations to learn more about biking as a means of commuting, and also to meet up with like-minded cyclists. 

Maybe you want to bike to work for your health, or maybe for the environmental impact. It could just be the only way to save your sanity among the DC traffic. No matter your reason, the Bike to Work Day 2021 is the best day to get started. Even if you’re still working from home, you can register to take part at DC’s Freedom Plaza. The first 15,000 sign-ups will receive a tee shirt, and each registrant helps to make this important event a success. Visit the website to add your name to the list!

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