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Experience Modern Vietnamese Cuisine by a Star Chef at Newly Opened Moon Rabbit

Renowned chef Kevin Tien has been recognized by Food & Wine Magazine, Washingtonian Magazine, EATER, and the James Beard Foundation. Taste the innovative flavor combinations of his beloved Vietnamese cuisine in his new outpost, Moon Rabbit, in The Wharf. This newly opened restaurant is affiliated with the InterContinental Washington D.C. hotel, so expect top-notch service and rigorous cleanliness standards whether you sit indoors or outdoors.

Get ready for a flavorful adventure as you peruse the small but high-quality and globally inspired menu. The small but luxurious restaurant features outdoor seating and indoor seating with plush seating. Start your meal with grilled prawns with garlic and Thai basil butter. Feast your eyes on the stunning scallop crudo before you bite into the magic of this coconut soup with pickled pearl onion flavorful shiso herbs. Experience the bright and crisp flavors of lemongrass when you create your own tasty lettuce wrap with the seasoned pork blade steak, pickled jalapeno and garlic, fresh mint and cilantro, and sweet vinegar sauce. Need a suggestion? Ask the servers for a recommendation.

Make a dinner reservation and don’t miss these global flavors, just a 10 minute drive from RiverPoint. Don’t forget to sample the sauces! You’ll find each one is made to perfectly balance your dish.

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