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Check Out What’s New at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

So close to MLK Day, there’s no better time to showcase one of his enduring legacies, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library right here in DC. If you’re hoping to read more, learn more, or embrace the community more this year, the Library can help you do all that and more. 

Library card in hand, you can pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read or materials to help you reach your goals. But those aren’t the only services the Library offers that can lead you to success in 2021. Events, both online and in-person, can get you out and about, teach you something new, or introduce you to the people and businesses that make up DC. 

If your kids are studying at home right now, then the DC Public Library system is more important than ever. Digital resources, exhibits, and events can help them learn from home at any age. Children and adults alike can benefit from the services and resources you’ll find at your local library. 

January might bring the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library to mind but that legacy lasts throughout the year. If you’re aiming to succeed with lofty learning goals or just want to join in discussions of a new bestseller, the Library will be your greatest resource yet.

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