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Save Room for Dessert a La Famosa, Now Open Near Your Apartment at Riverpoint

One bite of tasty Puerto Rican food at the newly opened La Famosa is sure to make you a repeat diner. Opened in September, one Yelp reviewer stated it was exactly what D.C. didn’t know they needed, and others are raving about their food and experiences left and right. We’re pretty sure La Famosa will have a huge group of regulars in no time. 

The menu boasts elevated Puerto Rican favorites like mofongo (fried plantains) and offers it stuffed with shrimp, pork, or picadillo. It’s best to go with your bestie or significant other so you can explore the menu, or order takeout so you can have a Puerto Rican feast in your apartment. Try the bolitas de queso (cheese balls with guava sauce) and the pastelillos (fried turnover) with crab. The chillo frito (whole crispy snapper) served with coconut rice and spicy slaw is a true tropical taste of Puerto Rico, so get that too. 

Save some room for dessert because you’re going to want to try the besitos de coco (coconut macaroons) or the mousse de parcha (passionfruit mousse).

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