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Caffeinate Your Morning at Cafe Georgetown

Who doesn’t love starting their day with a rich La Colombe brew? Grab a cup of delicious drip coffee at Cafe Georgetown! This local cafe favorite serves up delicious coffee, pastries, and then morphs into a wine bar cafe when the sun starts to set.

Let’s start with the morning highlights. A perfect cup of La Colombe or a latte with the most magical latte art you’ve ever seen, paired with a fluffy, flaky pastry is the way to go. For a visit later in the day, start with a bold glass of shiraz or a traditional old fashioned. Pair that with a sweet piece of baklava or a mozzarella-basil baguette sandwich depending on which you’re in the mood for.

Right now, Cafe Georgetown is offering a delightful outdoor patio with socially distanced seating options for you to enjoy, or you can order delivery or takeout with UberEats, PostMates, or GrubHub.

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